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Bylaws Committee  

SAEM's Constitution and Bylaws Committee is responsible for :

  • reviewing the Society's Bylaws and determining if updates are needed to reflect its current role;

  • as directed by the president, working with a committee of Board of Directors (BOD) and Academy chairs to design bylaws that reflect the goals of SAEM leadership;

  • reviewing the SAEM bylaws with a focus on Academy structure and determining if the current version is sufficient to produce needed synergy with the Society as a whole, and if it reflects current legal constraints required of Society subgroups;

  • reviewing best practices and providing recommendations to the BOD for the role of the Finance Committee and the relationship it should have with the BOD; investigating options such as the creation of an ex officio position on the BOD for the Finance Committee chair, or naming of the elected treasurer of the BOD to the position of Finance Committee chair;

  • with a committee of the Board, reviewing the implications of creating and codifying a leadership track on the BOD, i.e., for secretary-treasurer, president-elect, president, and immediate past president, including consideration for dividing the secretary-treasurer position.
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Committee of Academy Leaders (COAL)  

Committee of Academy Leaders

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Consultation Services Committee  

Members of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine possess expertise in teaching, research, and other aspects of academic Emergency Medicine practice. The Society is often called upon to provide individuals, departments, or institutions with consultations aimed at developing, evaluating, or improving various services, which it does under the management of its Consultation Services Committee, through its committees and academies, or in collaboration with the Association of Academic Chairs in Emergency Medicine (AACEM).

The objectives of the Consultation Services Committee include:

  • assigning and/or performing any consultations requested from SAEM;

  • identifying the key roles and types of consultation services that SAEM can provide, and soliciting input regarding these services from all academies;

  • designing a marketing strategy for SAEM Consultation Services, by identifying target consultation types, such as department, residency program, and simulation; identifying key markets for consultation services; designing brochures, web advertisements, and direct mailings for marketing to target audiences; and standardizing follow-up consultation reports;

  • in consultation with the Finance Committee, revising and updating the structure for consultations.

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Continuing Medical Education Committee  

Continuing Medical Education Committee

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Development Committee  

The Development Committee of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Foundation is responsible for directing the organization of the Foundation's fundraising efforts.

The objectives of the Development Committee include

  • Maintain and evaluate potential/projections for raising funds, and coordinate fundraising events as part of the annual meeting. Specifically, create an event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of SAEM. May wish to explore the fun run again. The committee is to work with the Program Committee to explore best times for fund raising event at the annual meeting to benefit the foundation;

  • Design an ASK list for corporate giving.;

  • Prioritize the list of individual donors to ensure regular donors are being thanked and solicited appropriately;

  • Work with AACEM to entice all Department Chairs to contribute at the $1000.00 level annually. Prioritize the Department Chairs who already contribute at the $1,000 level to increase their giving, and other donors to increase their giving to $1,000;

  • Work with the Board of Directors to ensure all Board members as well as all leaders within the Society such as Academy leaders, Committee leaders and elected officials donate at the level of $1,000;

  • Use Foundation Module for iMIS program to maintain excellent records of past giving to be able to ensure appropriate and adequate recognition of donors. Also this computer program will be useful to carry out objective “c”.

  • Engage members in an annual campaign for the 25th anniversary of SAEM.

  • Recognize the emeriti at the Annual Meeting.

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Ethics Committee  

The Ethics Committee is responsible for developing and formulating policies concerning ethical issues in the practice of emergency medicine.

The objectives of the Ethics Committee include:

  • creating a MedEdPORTAL submission on academic integrity;

  • developing a manuscript on the ethics of pain management in non-critically ill patients;

  • developing a didactic session based on a single module from the new ethics curriculum;

  • in partnership with the Research Committee, exploring the ethics of community consent for emergency research and/or developing guidelines for appropriate implementation of such consents; developing a set of operational guidelines and a white paper for publication;

  • creating a newsletter article on the ethics of international rotations by students and residents;

  • creating a didactic submission on the AMA Code of Ethics;

  • maintaining the ethics curriculum and keeping it up to date.

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External Collaboration Committee  

The External Collaboration Committee manages the representation of SAEM to the world outside the Society, as well as SAEM's collaboration with external organizations and participation in external events.

The objectives of the External Collaboration Committee include:

  • identifying SAEM members to officially represent the Board of Directors (BOD) and Society on external committees, task forces, and other entities as requested by the BOD;

  • monitoring the website of the National Quality Forum (NQF) and identifying appropriate opportunities for SAEM input or nomination;

  • reviewing and providing input to the BOD on any guidelines, meetings, or requests for SAEM endorsement.

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Faculty Development Committee  

The Faculty Development Committee works to achieve objectives set forth by the president of SAEM for the development of tools and techniques to assist academic faculty physicians throughout the course of their careers.

The objectives of the Faculty Development Committee include:

  • developing the template for a College of Educators for SAEM, to become a central resource for faculty engaged in education research and scholarship;

  • defining the educational benchmarks needed for College of Educator members at each tier of college membership;

  • exploring a tiered certificate program for education in specific content areas such as Instruction and Assessment; Teaching/Implementing Innovation; Educational Research; Leadership and Administration;

  • developing a business model for this certificate program;

  • developing a five-year plan for the previously established SAEM leadership development course.

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Fellowship Approval Committee  

Fellowship Approval Committee

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Finance Committee  

The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing SAEM's financial operations.

The objectives of the Finance Committee include:

  • providing updated financial information about SAEM at least annually to the Web Editorial Board for website posting;

  • submitting two financial progress reports, due in September and February;

  • assisting in the preparation of the annual SAEM budget by making recommendations to the Board of Directors (BOD);

  • assisting the SAEM executive director and office staff in preparing for external audits;
  • ensuring that monthly financial statements capture and reflect the financial activities and performance of SAEM;

  • reviewing and making recommendations to the BOD for budget modifications;

  • compiling a manual for the BOD on financial due diligence for national societies;

  • working with the Web Editorial Board and Program Committee to develop a proposal for remote learning associated with the Annual Meeting (e.g., podcasts for revenue).

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FWA Administrative Fellowship Subcomittee  

FWA Administrative Fellowship Subcomittee

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FWA Education Scholarship Fellowship Subcomittee  

FWA Education Scholarship Fellowship Subcomittee

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FWA Geriatric EM Fellowship Subcomittee  

FWA Geriatric EM Fellowship Subcomittee

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FWA Global EM Fellowship Subcomittee  

FWA Global EM Fellowship Subcomittee

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FWA Research Fellowship Subcomittee  

FWA Research Fellowship Subcomittee

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Graduate Medical Education Committee  

The Graduate Medical Education Committee is responsible for monitoring, evaluating, developing, and disseminating programs and materials aimed at guiding the training, education, and professional advancement of young physicians.

The objectives of the GME Committee include:

  • identifying areas where legislative advocacy is needed for graduate medical education (regarding work hours, crowding, health care reform, and other areas of interest in the field of emergency medicine);

  • in collaboration with the SAEM Board of Directors, developing an action plan on behalf of the Society.

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Membership Committee  

The Membership Committee is responsible for ensuring that SAEM meets the growing and changing needs of its members. The committee additionally strives to increase Society membership of academic EM faculty and residents, as well as of allied health care professionals.

The objectives of the Membership Committee include:

  • reviewing all categories of membership and determining whether alternative categories are required;

  • monitoring and reviewing dues at different membership levels and submitting any proposed changes to membership rates to the Program and Finance committees for review;

  • compiling, reviewing, and preparing a recommendation to the Board of Directors (BOD), based on input from all committees, for value-based membership recruitment objectives;

  • working with SAEM staff to develop an annual schedule of assessments (at least three times a year) of faculty, resident, medical student, international, and non-physician membership numbers.

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Nominating Committee  

The Nominating Committee of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine organizes and directs the voting and election procedures for leadership positions in the Society.

The objectives of the Nominating Committee include:

  • calling for nominations and compiling a slate of candidates for annual elections for leadership positions in SAEM;

  • investigating methods for increasing member participation in Society elections.

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Program Committee  

The Program Committee creates and supports the educational activities of SAEM over the course of the year in the form of regional meetings, web-based initiatives, and the Annual Meeting. During the course of planning for the Annual Meeting, the Program Committee incorporates the research activities of SAEM's membership, coordinates the construction and selection of didactic presentations, fosters the academic growth of residents and medical students, and acts as an information conduit while providing assistance to SAEM's Academies.

The objectives of the Program Committee include:

  • developing and organizing the Annual Meeting, including: calls for didactic, abstract, and research submissions; the organization of events for residents and medical students; the design of content for academic NPs and PAs, providing specific content for EM education for these extender groups;

  • reviewing and evaluating meeting events after they are completed and making recommendations to the Board of Directors (BOD) for the development of future events;

  • developing other educational programs for SAEM.

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Research Committee  

The Research Committee serves as a resource for preparing materials to help SAEM’s members improve their research skills, and for finding funding opportunities to support their research and the presentation of such research through didactics, abstracts, articles, workshops, and other channels.

The Research Committee’s objectives include:

  • working with the Grants and Program committees to sponsor the annual Grant Writing Workshop;

  • developing materials on subjects in the field of research development and funding;

  • reviewing abstracts for the Program Committee.

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