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AAAEM: Academy of Administrators in Academic Emergency Medicine  

The Academy of Administrators in Academic Emergency Medicine (AAAEM) is a professional association for individuals managing the administrative and business functions of an academic department or division of emergency medicine. These academic units typically engage in activities related to patient care, education, and research mission, including the primary administration of an emergency medicine residency program

The mission of AAAEM is:

  • to advance the profession of individuals serving as administrators within emergency medicine academic programs;

  • to provide a forum for academic emergency medicine administrators to communicate, share ideas, and generate solutions to common problems;

  • to serve as a unified voice for academic emergency medicine administrators;

  • to foster the professional development and career satisfaction of academic emergency medicine administrators;

  • to foster research in emergency medicine operations and management;

  • to use education and research to influence public policy for the benefit of patients, medical student and resident education, emergency medicine physicians, and medical schools.

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AACEM: Association of Academic Chairs of Emergency Medicine  

The Association of Academic Chairs of Emergency Medicine (AACEM), comprised of full, acting, interim, and emeritus chairs and directors of departments of emergency medicine at various levels of membership and involvement, works to improve and support academic departments of EM in the advancement of health care through high-quality education and research.

The mission of AACEM is:

  • to provide guidance for the administration and operation of existing and new academic departments of emergency medicine;

  • to discover and disseminate resources for the growth and development of academic emergency medicine departments and chairs;

  • to facilitating leadership development in academic emergency medicine;

  • to develop partnerships and cooperative relationships with other organizations and societies to advance and advocate for academic emergency medicine.

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Academic Informatics Interest Group  

The Academic Informatics Interest Group is comprised of members interested in emergency medicine informatics and work related to emergency department information technology. The group considers such questions as:

  • What do EM academicians want in an electronic medical record (EMR) / ED information system (EDIS)?

  • How may we go about pooling and sharing data from different departments' informatics efforts?

  • How does the evolving informatics curriculum relate to academic EM, and how will it relate to it in the future?

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ADIEM: Academy for Diversity & Inclusion in Emergency Medicine  

Although the U.S. population continues to become more diverse, ethnic and racial healthcare disparities persist. The benefits of a diverse medical workforce have been well described, but the percentage of emergency medicine (EM) residents from underrepresented groups (URGs) is small and has not significantly increased. ADIEM will partner in a more powerful way with SAEM, working towards the realization of our common goals of diversifying the physician workforce at all levels, eliminating disparities in healthcare and outcomes, and insuring that all emergency physicians are delivering culturally competent care.


  • To promote equal access to quality healthcare and the elimination of disparities in treatment and outcomes through education and research

  • To enhance the retention and promotion of those historically under-represented in medicine and to create an inclusive environment for the training of emergency medicine providers;

  • specifically using the AAMC’s guide “to unite expertise, experience and innovation to inform and guide the advancement of diversity and inclusion in emergency medicine

  • To enhance the professional development of all EM faculty and residents with respect to culturally competent medical care


  • Enhance the recruitment of under-represented groups to the field of Emergency Medicine

  • Enhance the retention of URMs in Emergency Medicine residencies and as academic faculty

  • Enhance academic promotion of URM faculty in Emergency Medicine

  • Enhance the professional development of all EM faculty with respect to culturally competent medical care

  • Promote the concepts of equal access to care and equal quality of care for all patients

  • Minimize racial, ethnic and gender outcome disparities in health care

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AEUS: Academy of Emergency Ultrasound  

Founded in 2011, the Academy of Emergency Ultrasound (AEUS) is an international forum bringing together clinician sonologists with the common goal of advancing patient care and safety through the use of bedside ultrasound. AEUS task forces promote the development of training curriculums for medical students, residents, and fellows, as well as of tools and resources for further research and development.

AEUS Mission Statement

Why join AEUS?

  • Join the largest academic community dedicated to education and research in emergency ultrasound
  • Discuss EUS topics in a large network of your peers
  • Access a large library of AEUS member created educational documents and narrated lectures
  • Participate in AEUS committees
  • Take advantage of the AEUS peer review service and get feedback on your EUS research ideas before you collect data
  • And much more! Join Today!

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Airway Interest Group  

The Airway Interest Group serves as a gathering place for emergency physicians to discuss airway research, potential collaborations, and the influence of airway research and updates on clinical practice in emergency medicine in general. Its mission is to promote the communication of current ideas in the field of upper and lower airway emergency medicine.

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AWAEM: Academy for Women in Academic Emergency Medicine  

The Academy for Women in Academic Emergency Medicine (AWAEM) is an organization that provides a platform for members to exchange information on the particular issues and concerns pertaining to women in the field of academic emergency medicine. AWAEM provides the means and forum for its members to speak with a unified voice, both within EM and to outside organizations; to network, collaborate on educational initiatives, develop policy, and perform research; and to promote faculty development and the recruitment, retention, advancement, and leadership of women in academic emergency medicine throughout their careers.

The mission of AWAEM is:
  • to initiate and support a network for female physicians to facilitate mentoring and research collaboration;

  • to compile and share knowledge, information, and resources concerning issues pertaining to women in academic EM through research, education, and faculty development initiatives;

  • to create and sustain a systematic framework for attracting women in medical school and residency to academic EM;

  • to provide for the ongoing retention and advancement of women in academic emergency medicine, in areas such as faculty development and leadership mentoring;

  • to identify possible barriers to the advancement of women in academic emergency medicine and develop strategies to address them;

  • to monitor statistics on women in academic emergency medicine to better understand the issues facing our specialty and to measure outcomes.

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Bylaws Committee  

SAEM's Constitution and Bylaws Committee is responsible for :

  • reviewing the Society's Bylaws and determining if updates are needed to reflect its current role;

  • as directed by the president, working with a committee of Board of Directors (BOD) and Academy chairs to design bylaws that reflect the goals of SAEM leadership;

  • reviewing the SAEM bylaws with a focus on Academy structure and determining if the current version is sufficient to produce needed synergy with the Society as a whole, and if it reflects current legal constraints required of Society subgroups;

  • reviewing best practices and providing recommendations to the BOD for the role of the Finance Committee and the relationship it should have with the BOD; investigating options such as the creation of an ex officio position on the BOD for the Finance Committee chair, or naming of the elected treasurer of the BOD to the position of Finance Committee chair;

  • with a committee of the Board, reviewing the implications of creating and codifying a leadership track on the BOD, i.e., for secretary-treasurer, president-elect, president, and immediate past president, including consideration for dividing the secretary-treasurer position.
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Committee of Academy Leaders (COAL)  

Committee of Academy Leaders

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Community-Based Academic Physician Outreach Task Force  

SAEM has created the Community-Based Academic Physician (CBAP) Task Force in order to determine the needs of the medical workforce in academic community emergency departments.

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Consultation Services Committee  

Members of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine possess expertise in teaching, research, and other aspects of academic Emergency Medicine practice. The Society is often called upon to provide individuals, departments, or institutions with consultations aimed at developing, evaluating, or improving various services, which it does under the management of its Consultation Services Committee, through its committees and academies, or in collaboration with the Association of Academic Chairs in Emergency Medicine (AACEM).

The objectives of the Consultation Services Committee include:

  • assigning and/or performing any consultations requested from SAEM;

  • identifying the key roles and types of consultation services that SAEM can provide, and soliciting input regarding these services from all academies;

  • designing a marketing strategy for SAEM Consultation Services, by identifying target consultation types, such as department, residency program, and simulation; identifying key markets for consultation services; designing brochures, web advertisements, and direct mailings for marketing to target audiences; and standardizing follow-up consultation reports;

  • in consultation with the Finance Committee, revising and updating the structure for consultations.

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Continuing Medical Education Committee  

Continuing Medical Education Committee

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CPR/Ischemia/Reperfusion Interest Group  

The CPR/Ischemia/Reperfusion Interest Group consists of SAEM members interested in the causes, effects, and treatment of ischemia and reperfusion in the emergency department setting.

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Critical Care Medicine  

Critical Care Medicine

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Development Committee  

The Development Committee of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Foundation is responsible for directing the organization of the Foundation's fundraising efforts.

The objectives of the Development Committee include

  • Maintain and evaluate potential/projections for raising funds, and coordinate fundraising events as part of the annual meeting. Specifically, create an event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of SAEM. May wish to explore the fun run again. The committee is to work with the Program Committee to explore best times for fund raising event at the annual meeting to benefit the foundation;

  • Design an ASK list for corporate giving.;

  • Prioritize the list of individual donors to ensure regular donors are being thanked and solicited appropriately;

  • Work with AACEM to entice all Department Chairs to contribute at the $1000.00 level annually. Prioritize the Department Chairs who already contribute at the $1,000 level to increase their giving, and other donors to increase their giving to $1,000;

  • Work with the Board of Directors to ensure all Board members as well as all leaders within the Society such as Academy leaders, Committee leaders and elected officials donate at the level of $1,000;

  • Use Foundation Module for iMIS program to maintain excellent records of past giving to be able to ensure appropriate and adequate recognition of donors. Also this computer program will be useful to carry out objective “c”.

  • Engage members in an annual campaign for the 25th anniversary of SAEM.

  • Recognize the emeriti at the Annual Meeting.

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Disaster Medicine Interest Group  

The mission of the Disaster Medicine Interest Group is to provide up-to-date, accurate, and useful information as well as guidance to all emergency medicine professionals regarding their role in disaster research and preparedness and response activities. Members are encouraged to present at the annual meeting on disaster topics of interest including educational topics, ongoing or completed research, published articles, or successful disaster planning protocols or strategies. It is open to SAEM members who are active in or interested in becoming involved in disaster preparedness and response or disaster research..

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ED Sepsis Care  

This is a gathering place to share our collective experience with ED sepsis care so that we may learn from each other, rather than tackling the sepsis beast in isolation in our own departments. Let's collaborate as we face the challenges of the operationalizing the CMS core measure while simultaneously balancing it against what is evidence-based and what is feasible in our current systems. By promoting communication amongst physicians and departments, we can share past successes and failures and facilitate discussion of potential new innovative strategies for improving sepsis care in the ED.

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Educational Research Interest Group  

The Educational Research Interest Group exists to develop educational research projects.

The objectives of the Educational Research Interest Group include:

  • developing new educational research projects, including the facilitation of multicenter trials;

  • facilitating collaboration and mentorship in medical education research;

  • discussing and presenting information on educational research funding.

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EMS Interest Group  

The objectives of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Interest Group include:

  • developing and submitting didactic proposals to the Program Committee on subjects in the field of EMS;

  • exploring the appropriate role of EMS in medical student emergency medicine curriculums;

  • determining the current state of EMS education in emergency medicine residencies.

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Ethics Committee  

The Ethics Committee is responsible for developing and formulating policies concerning ethical issues in the practice of emergency medicine.

The objectives of the Ethics Committee include:

  • creating a MedEdPORTAL submission on academic integrity;

  • developing a manuscript on the ethics of pain management in non-critically ill patients;

  • developing a didactic session based on a single module from the new ethics curriculum;

  • in partnership with the Research Committee, exploring the ethics of community consent for emergency research and/or developing guidelines for appropriate implementation of such consents; developing a set of operational guidelines and a white paper for publication;

  • creating a newsletter article on the ethics of international rotations by students and residents;

  • creating a didactic submission on the AMA Code of Ethics;

  • maintaining the ethics curriculum and keeping it up to date.

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