Program Committee

The Program Committee creates and supports the educational activities of SAEM over the course of the year in the form of regional meetings, web-based initiatives, and the Annual Meeting. During the course of planning for the Annual Meeting, the Program Committee incorporates the research activities of SAEM's membership, coordinates the construction and selection of didactic presentations, fosters the academic growth of residents and medical students, and acts as an information conduit while providing assistance to SAEM's Academies.

2019-2020 Objectives
  1. Plan the SAEM20--carrying forward all activities from the 2019 meeting, with the exception of those activities deemed by Program Committee to be unsuccessful. Discuss the latter with the SAEM Board prior to coming to a final decision about discontinuation
  2. Recommend to the SAEM Board potential Friday programming with the aim of maximizing attendance and engagement. A
  3. Annual face-to-face report/dashboard to SAEM Board in October from PC Chair on overall trends, opportunities and challenges with the annual meeting. Present a tutorial for SAEM Board on how scheduling for the annual meeting happens and how you handle conflicts and overlap. A
  4. Develop a slate of potential keynote speaker(s) for SAEM Board selection. Evaluate addition of Thursday keynote focused on education. A
  5. Develop and implement a plan for recognizing/promoting winners of SAEM awards at SAEM20.
  6. With recommendations from Wellness Committee, integrate one or more wellness-related activities into the program for SAEM20.
  7. In collaboration with Social Media Committee (Social Media Committee lead), create “Meet, Greet and Tweet” Session at SAEM20.
  8. Ensure plan and marketing for lactation room and childcare at SAEM20.
  9. Plan and implement--in conjunction with SAEM Committee of Academy Leaders (COAL)--strategies for highlighting academy activities in future Annual Meetings.
  10. In collaboration with the Research Committee (Research Committee lead), create research focused programming for Pediatric EM physicians and encourage these individuals to present at SAEM20.
  11. Integrate three or more networking-related activities in the program for SAEM20.
  12. Select and execute SAEM pre-meeting workshops. Consider adding Friday workshops (see objective #4). A
  13. In collaboration with Research Committee (Program Committee lead), perform an assessment (including participant evaluation and future needs) of recurring didactic programs led by Research Committee. A
  14. Administer, with RAMS, the Medical Student Ambassador (MSA) program. Based on an increase in applications, consider expanding the program.
  15. Evaluate use of live-streaming at SAEM19 and make recommendation to SAEM Board for SAEM20.
  16. Develop and implement a plan for engaging local EM residency program(s) for SAEM20. A
  17. With RAMS Board, ensure resident- and medical student-focused activities into SAEM20.
  18. Create for regional meetings, a standardized marketing plan, FAQ/menu on what SAEM office can offer (timeline included), and update regional meeting guidebook.
  19. Evaluate options to enhance National Grand Rounds, i.e. timing, location, etc.
  20. Develop and implement a strategy to increase the visibility of the best abstracts at the Annual Meeting. Consider blue ribbon/gallery of excellence. Make recommendation for abstracts/poster hall set up.
  21. In collaboration with Research Committee (Research Committee lead), administer programs for researcher-focused networking activities at SAEM20.
  22. In collaboration with Research Committee (Research Committee lead), administer the revamped SAEM consensus conference each year.
  23. Establish and implement a leadership succession and mentorship plan for future leaders of the Committee. Special attention should be given to increasing the diversity of committee leadership. A
  24. Execute other objectives as identified by the SAEM Board.

Chair: Jody A. Vogel, MD
Board Liaison: Angela Mills, MD
Staff LiaisonsHolly M. Byrd-Duncan, MBA, Alex Elizabeth Keenan and Andrea Ray

A - Present to SAEM Board only
F - Written plan to SAEM President-Elect

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