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Welcome to the SAEM - West Region!

  • 1.  Welcome to the SAEM - West Region!

    Posted 07-05-2023 03:06 PM

    Hello Clerkship Directors and EMIG Advisors!


    We are your Regional Ambassadors from SAEM Resident and Medical Students (SAEM RAMS), Daniel Artiga and Zoë Fisher. We are members of the RAMS Board and are excited to launch a new initiative to facilitate better communication between RAMS and medical students in our seven national regions. 

    As part of the West Region (California, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska) you have been added to a SAEM Community Group consisting of Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) leadership and advisors as well as clerkship directors. As Regional Ambassadors, we will serve as liaisons helping to spread awareness of SAEM RAMS committees, interest group activities, and regional meetings. We also hope to facilitate connections with EMIGs across the country.  We can connect students with speakers in our region and share successful EMIG event ideas. Our hope is to update each other on how we are best engaging students so we can promote learning and interest in EM.

    We look forward to working with and hearing from you! Please forward this email the EMIG student leaders at your institution. If they would like to be added to the West Region RAMS group, you can have them email lauren.diercks@utsouthwestern.edu.  You can "reply to sender" if you would like to talk to us directly, or "reply to group" if you would like to post about ideas or comments to help our region.

     To get involved with SAEM RAMS please take a look at the following links:


    Daniel Artiga

    University of Cincinnati, PGY-2

    Zoë Fisher

    University of Texas, Health Sciences Center at Houston, PGY-2 

    Daniel Artiga, MD
    PGY1, Emergency Medicine
    University of Cincinnati
    SAEM RAMS Board Member-at-Large