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Best Dog Breeds You Would Love to Keep Them ESAs – Facts


Which is the best emotional support animal? Widely it is settled that dogs are the best ESA pets. However, the dogs come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes. While a cockapoo lover would say that all the dogs are pretty amazing, they are loving, caring, and loyal, and devoted creatures in the world. Some breeds are more affectionate and caring and therefore, make the best emotional support animal and help their owner to fight anxiety and depression.

Are you or someone you know has an emotional disability or mental illness? Are you looking for an emotional support animal? Do you want a dog as your ESA pet? Are you unable to decide which dog you should adopt? Well, I am glad that you have decided to adopt an ESA dog, they are a great help for emotionally unstable persons. They are a great companion who knows the language of love. If you ever sit next to a person who owns any ESA dog, he/she would talk about their dog at length. They will tell you all about the great benefits of owning an ESA dog and their unrivaled bind with their ESA dog. Dogs know the language of love, they just look into your eyes and understand how you are feeling. If you are feeling blue, they would know it and would shower you with hugs and kisses until all the anxiety and depression fades away.



Most probably you know that you will need an emotional support dog letter to keep a dogo argentino as emotional support. However, you may not know that many fraudulent websites are claiming that they would provide an instant and lifelong ESA letter for money. You must stay away from such websites as they could push you behind bars and can also be a reason for the separation between you and your love machine, your ESA dog.

To avoid the embarrassment of paying for a fake emotional support letter, which could get you evicted from a building with a no pet policy, you should know how an ESA letter sample looks like. What are its components and what is it that makes it legal and authentic. Before paying an online provider you should confirm that the provided letter would include all the important components of a legitimate letter. Make sure that it has the license and contact information of the respective mental health professionals.

On the one hand, some people find the big dogs more affectionate as they could give bigger and warmer hugs. On the other hand, few are of the view that small dogs are more affectionate as one can easily pick them up and can have them sit on one's lap. In the following list of best dog breeds for emotional support, we will include both small and big dogs. If you have been looking for a while for an emotional support dog, here are few top breeds that you must consider:


To begin with, they are the most favorite dog breed like of the queen who sits on the crown of England. Aside from being liked by the queen, they are suggested by the mental health professionals. These are not only cute but are also very intelligent and affectionate like norwegian forest cat. They are of small to moderate height of ten to twelve inches and weigh around twenty-five to thirty pounds. They are the perfect choice for people who love lap dogs. One can easily carry them around like babies. However, they need a lot of training to become a good ESA dog.


These small lapdogs have varying temperaments. However, if they are properly socialized at an early age, they grow up to be loving and friendly. They weigh only around six pounds and are of a very small height of five to eight inches. They can easily travel with their owners.

Yorkshire Terrier

The best thing about this dog breed is that they are very small and cute like anatolian shepherd . They are about seven to eight inches in height and they weigh only six to eight pounds. They are the cutest little puppies. They are very confident and demand the attention of their owner. If you treat them with love and care they would love you back multiple folds. They make up a good ESA dog as they are easy to carry around. One can easily carry them while traveling.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If you love to cuddle, you should adopt this dog. Because of their warm and comforting cuddles, they are popularly known as comforter spaniel. It is also known as a love sponge and love machine. This dog breed has a tender and calm temperament and therefore are good with persons of all ages. They have a height of around twelve to thirteen inches. Their long silky hair adds to their attractiveness and cuteness.

Golden Retriever

This breed has been quite popular as a family dog around the world and especially in the United States. In recent years, with the popularity of emotional support animals, these dogs have also gained popularity as ESA dogs. They are overtly friendly and have a calm temperament. They are the perfect ESA dogs for people who have a thing for big dogs. They have a height of over twenty inches and weigh in between fifty-five to seventy-five pounds. One can easily train them for intended purposes.

German Shepherds

They love to have a job, if it is emotionally supporting their owner, they happily do their job. They are always looking for ways to please their owners. These are intelligent dogs like hypoallergenic dogs and always know what to do to please their owner. They are loyal and interactive companions, however, they need a little training to be taken out in public spaces.


To say beagle is a scent and is used for hunting of small animals like hares. However, if properly socialized from an early age, they develop into great loving and cuddly ESA dogs. Their personality has the colors of calmness, vigor, and activeness. These are very loving and compassionate dogs with a moderate height between eleven to sixteen inches.


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