Kirsten Rounds, RN, MS

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Member SAEM Finance, Consultation and ED Operations Committees 2020- presetnt
Chair Strategic Planning Committee AAAEM 2017-18
Certificate Program in Academic Emergency Medicine Administration (CAEMA) Course Director 2016-present
Member Program Committee 2016-17
Immediate Past-President of AAAEM 2016-17
Chair AAAEM Nominations Committee 2016-17
Co-Chair COAL 2014-15 & 2015-16
President of AAAEM 2015-16
President-Elect of AAAEM 2014-15
Secretary of AAAEM Executive Committee 2013-14
Co-Chair of AAAEM/AACEM Retreat Planning Committee 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16
Chair of AAAEM/AACEM Retreat Planning Committee 2012-13
Chair Membership Committee AAAEM 2011-12