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Academy for Diversity & Inclusion in Emergency Medicine (ADIEM)  

Although the U.S. population continues to become more diverse, ethnic and racial healthcare disparities persist. The benefits of a diverse medical workforce have been well described, but the percentage of emergency medicine (EM) residents from underrepresented groups (URGs) is small and has not significantly increased. ADIEM will partner in a more powerful way with SAEM, working towards the realization of our common goals of diversifying the physician workforce at all levels, eliminating disparities in healthcare and outcomes, and insuring that all emergency physicians are delivering culturally competent care.

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Academy for Women in Academic Emergency Medicine (AWAEM)  

The Academy for Women in Academic Emergency Medicine (AWAEM) is an organization that provides a platform for members to exchange information on the particular issues and concerns pertaining to women in the field of academic emergency medicine. AWAEM provides the means and forum for its members to speak with a unified voice, both within EM and to outside organizations; to network, collaborate on educational initiatives, develop policy, and perform research; and to promote faculty development and the recruitment, retention, advancement, and leadership of women in academic emergency medicine throughout their careers.

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Academy of Administrators in Academic Emergency Medicine (AAAEM)  


The Academy of Administrators in Academic Emergency Medicine (AAAEM) is a professional association for individuals managing the administrative and business functions of an academic department or division of emergency medicine. These academic units typically engage in activities related to patient care, education, and research mission, including the primary administration of an emergency medicine residency program

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Academy of Emergency Ultrasound (AEUS)  

Founded in 2011, the Academy of Emergency Ultrasound (AEUS) is an international forum bringing together clinician sonologists with the common goal of advancing patient care and safety through the use of bedside ultrasound. AEUS task forces promote the development of training curriculums for medical students, residents, and fellows, as well as of tools and resources for further research and development.

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Academy of Geriatric Emergency Medicine (AGEM)  

Founded in 2009, the Academy of Geriatric Emergency Medicine (AGEM) provides a forum for the collaborative exchange of ideas among emergency medicine researchers, educators, trainees, and clinicians. 

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Association of Academic Chairs of Emergency Medicine (AACEM)  

The Association of Academic Chairs of Emergency Medicine (AACEM), comprised of full, acting, interim, and emeritus chairs and directors of departments of emergency medicine at various levels of membership and involvement, works to improve and support academic departments of EM in the advancement of health care through high-quality education and research.

The mission of AACEM is:

  • to provide guidance for the administration and operation of existing and new academic departments of emergency medicine;

  • to discover and disseminate resources for the growth and development of academic emergency medicine departments and chairs;

  • to facilitating leadership development in academic emergency medicine;

  • to develop partnerships and cooperative relationships with other organizations and societies to advance and advocate for academic emergency medicine.

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Global Emergency Medicine Academy (GEMA)  

The Global Emergency Medicine Academy (GEMA) focuses on improvement of the worldwide delivery of emergency medical care. Global emergency medicine is one of the fastest-growing subspecialties of emergency medicine, as evidenced by the ever increasing number of emergency medicine faculty members, trainees, and medical students pursuing international opportunities.

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Simulation Academy  

The Simulation Academy is a national educational organization that focuses on the development and use of simulation in emergency medicine education, research, and patient care. We maintain strong ties and share many members with the Society for Simulation in Healthcare Emergency Medicine Interest Group.

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