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Fellowship Approval Task Force  

Task forces of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine give direction to the Society's activities, dedicating a great deal of detailed work towards the fulfillment of SAEM’s specific goals and objectives for the advancement of academic emergency medicine.

The objectives of SAEM's Fellowship Approval Task Force for 2012-2013 are:

  • to design an endorsement, review, and approval process for any non-ACGME EM fellowships, including simulation, international, ultrasound, education, and administration;

  • to design a process for ongoing review of both new and renewal fellowships;

  • to design a process for SAEM to identify and promote our endorsement process, approved fellowship programs, and matriculating fellows;

  • to gather objective evidence for the state of the fellowship and prepare a summary document, suitable for publication, comparing different training paradigms and educational outcomes for fellowships not approved by ACGME.

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Scholarly Activities White Paper Task Force  

Scholarly Activities White Paper Task Force

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