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5 College Application Essay Ideas That Always Work

A college application essay is a tough gig. You need to be personal, insightful, memorable and charming all in under two pages. But here is a secret: most of the great college application essay is a great topic idea. If you’ve chosen a topic on something, you’re very passionate about, and if you’re telling something really serious and meaningful about yourself or your life, then the passion and meaning will automatically come alive on the page and in the reader’s mind.

Coming up with a great idea or choosing a great topic is the most crucial thing because your essay will revolve around the topic.  

So how do you come up with a great college Essay Writing Service topic idea?

Well, brainstorming is the best option, think of all the memorable moments of your life that defines you, think of your achievements, fears you have overcome and many more things. College application essays are meant to know the student’s personality in depth. Your degrees and certificates are enough to tell about your grades and academic achievements, the college essay is meant to explore other parts of your personality.

Here are the top 5 essay ideas that always work.

  • Personal Statement

A personal statement is essay is very common for a college application essay and most of the admission officers prefer personal statement this prompt. A personal statement is something personal, deeply felt, and authentic you.

Admission officers already know about your grades and your academic achievement, now they want to know more about you other than your academic life i.e.

Your life

Your hobbies

Your goals in life

Extracurricular activities

What have you achieved in life other than good Write My Paper?

Your personal experiences

Your perspective about life

Who is your motivation?

Who admires you?

In-short it’s all about you. Hence, it is safe to say that should prefer a topic which is about you and describing you in detail.

  • Defining Moment of Your Life That Changed You

One of the easiest ways to write a college essay is to focus on a point or a moment of life that represents something about your character or how that moment changed you. A meaningful life experience that helped you shape who you are and why you are the way you are today.

It may sound weird but it’s true, college admission officers love to read stories as much as they love good grades. You don’t have to write a long-complicated story but just a moment of realization which has left a great impact on your life.

Whether it’s a time you went skydiving, the peculiar way you brush your Paper Writing Service, or the time you ate a weird looking fruit. The moment itself does not matter but what that moment says about you that matters.

  • Standout

The college application process is becoming tough, day by day. Because there is a lot of competition out there. Students are very talented these days. Everyone is doing some charity or social welfare stuff. Everyone excels at a musical instrument or some sport or any other extra-curricular activity. Most of the students have a part-time job in addition to all of their other responsibilities.

You see, there is a lot of competition. It is very hard to find something unique that others haven’t done yet, from the applicant pool. This is not to disregard your work; it is just that everyone is doing everything and writing similar essays about similar things.

You might want to write about something which is very unique, which makes you stand out from the pool of applicants. Write about something the admission officer hasn’t read before. Take a moment and think about something your batch mates haven’t done but you have.

  • How You Handle Challenges

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and burn some calories!

Well, that’s right!

Life is all about challenges and how you handle challenges that describe you college essay writing service. Every one of us has had moments that we have no idea how to handle, but we have to handle it.

College application essay about challenges is meant to reveal how you handle these kinds of situations or how you respond to difficulties. It will help the admission officer to understand how you are going to handle the next four years on your own.

  • How You Deal with Your Failures

It is the most complex and nuanced topic idea. But it gives you an opportunity to show your ability to learn from your experiences. It allows you to recount an incident when you experienced failure. How it affected you and what you have learned from it?