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How To Spot A Fake Essay Writing Service

If you are a student you already know that completing all of the assignments before the deadline is quite a difficult thing to do. This is why many students opt for professional help and hire a custom essay writer who can help them in this regard. 

There are many essay writing companies out there who claim to be authentic and promise the students the best services. Many of them stick to all the claims and promises but a lot of them are found to be nothing but a scam. This is why, if you are planning to avail any of such services, you need to be very careful and protect yourself from falling for a scam or fraud.

In this article, we will talk about some elements that you should watch out for while you are looking for a good paper writing service online

  • Content and quality of the website

Remember that a fraudulent service will never spend much on the website. This is why when you are looking at the website of a service provider, try to analyze the elements that are presented on the website. Look at the language used, etc. 

This is the best and the easiest way to analyze the reliability of the source. 

  • No free samples

A legit essay writing service would want its clients to see the quality work they provide. This is why an authentic and trustable service will have some sample of its previously done work on the website. It will not change any kind of money for those samples. 

On the other hand, a scam service will never have anything like sample work or free samples for the clients to see. If you come across any such service, you must stay away because it is highly possible that the particular service is just a trap and is after the money. 

  • Advance payment

Authentic essay writing services usually do not ask for money in advance. Even if they do, it just a few percent only and never 100%. This is why, if you ever come across a service that requires full payment in advance, it is an indication that it might be a scam and will vanish into thin air after receiving the money. 

For these reasons, you must have a look into this aspect, before you ask the service to “write my essay”. 

  • No money-back guarantee

A good writing service will always provide you with a money-back guarantee. This means the service is ready to take responsibility for its services and allowing the customer to return the money in case there are any observations. Whereas, an unauthentic and unreliable service will never come up with such an option. 

A service with no money-back guarantee will probably ask you for complete advance payment and provide you with poor quality papers and will not cater to your queries. 

  • Free plagiarism checker

Providing customers with free plagiarism checkers is the easiest way of trapping them. Since the customers of such services are students who desperately need a professional to look into their “write my essay for me” query. Such students get truly inspired by such free offers. But in reality, such plagiarism checkers are simply the essay bots that generate fake reports.

This is why you must not get hypnotized and excited by such offers since they are just to trap you and convince you to hire a particular service for your assignments. 

Hence these were some of the things that you must remember while looking for an essay writing service. You can also visit [domain] if you truly want professionals to help you with your assignments. 

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